Fambul Tok supports Soa chiefdom to get new radio station

The Minister of Local Government and Community Affairs on Saturday,May 18,2024,officially opened the Soa community radio in Kainkordu,chiefdom headquarter town of Soa chiefdom,Kono district.This radio was established to  tell and broadcast stories of the chiefdom and wider communities.The initiative was supported by Fambul Tok through the Human Security project that chose Soa as a pilot phase

Minister Lamina speaks at the occasion

Welcoming guests and the people of the chiefdom,PC Emmanuel Tamba Foyor extended gratitude to parners who supported the initiative and praised the charismatic leadership of the Minister that has ushered in several visible developments to the chiefdom and the country at large

He said it was through Minister Lamin’s frequent touch with his people that he was able to figure out the essence of Fambul Tok’s intervention in Soa chiefdom and when he discussed with Executive Director,John Caulker.he assured him that if the community could construct the building,he would provide the transmitter,which he delivered as promised

The chief also acknowledged the timely intervention of indigenous people of the chiefdom  including Alhaji Kallon,Augustine Sheku,the Minister and many other descendants who in diverse ways made immense contributions both in kind and in cash

In his keynote address,Minister Lamina assured the audience that he will continue to look out for more opportunities through every legal means that will impact lives noting that when communities have true leadership and are united,their shared vision always attracts partners support to impact their lives more.He called on all residents of the chiefdom and beyond to own the radio station and help in their little ways to see it grow

Fambul Tok Executive Director,John Caulker in his short remarks mentioned that the organization under the Human Security project worked with stakeholders in three chiefdoms-Gbense ,Kamara and Soa.He added that the initiative of a radio station in Soa was discussed with him through the MInister of Local Government.He went on to state that with the efforts of the Paramount chief to construct the building he promised to deliver a transmitter and today the people of Soa are proud to get their own radio station

The station manager,Madam Mamie Tambo highlighted some of the major constrains which include solar panels,mobility ,salaries  and core training for staff.She called on stakeholders to continue with their usual interventions to ensure that the radio meets the expected standards in terms of quality and consistent broadcasting

Speakers ranging from SLBC Director,Edxecutive Director of Fambul Tok,Council of Paramount chiefs and partners applauded the collective efforts of the chiefdom people in actualizing this milestone achievement in Soa chiefdom which will be replicated in other chiefdoms in Kono district

PC Foryoh and other guests