Fambul Tok Staff Plan 2021


Fambul Tok international (SL) holds 2 day confab in Kabala, Koinadugu district in northern Sierra Leone to discuss successes, challenges in the past year and opportunities in 2021. The annual planning retreat takes place on 22nd to 23rd January 2021.

Executive Director John Caulker explains to staff about activities central to the Fambul Tok programme. At it heart is the Wan Fambul National Framework that includes the peoples planning process (PPP), Peace Mothers (PM), Community Welfare and Mediation Committees (CWMCs), Inclusive District Committees (IDCs) and, Chiefdom Inclusive Committees (CICs). Partnerships with United Nations Development Programme, Africa Transitional Justice Legacy Fund, Sierra Leone Government, local councils and community based organizations form part of the deliberations.

He thanked staff for their commitment to the work of FTI, their resilience in the face of COVID19 and the innovation demonstrated in the “new normal”. However things are not going to be business as usual. Work need to be more organized and result oriented to respond to the renewed interest of SLG to work with the Wan Fambul National Framework and its rollout.

Staff prepared their district work plans for 2021 focusing on FTI core programmes, schools programmes and natural resource programmes with UNDP and companies. Sadiatu Pessima moderated the sessions and in closing Mariama Tommy commends staff for their hard work and admonishes them to even work harder in 2021.