Fambul Tok Press Release: Condemns Politicians in Koinadugu Bye elections  

Fambul Tok is deeply concerned about the conduct of political parties in the bye elections in Koinadugu district. The claims, counter claims and accompanying violence in the aftermath of the elections does not auger well for the peace and stability of the district and sends out bad image of our hard earned democracy. Political parties must allow electoral bodies to conduct their work in a professional manner and devoid of interference.

Fambul Tok appeals to the people of Sierra Leone to resist all attempts by politicians to undermine the peace and national cohesion of the state. We call on civil society to close ranks and condemn those instigating conflicts in Koinadugu.

Fambul Tok calls on the diplomatic community especially those who are the moral guarantors of our peace and democracy to stand by the people of Sierra Leone and censor those who are threat to the peace and stability of the country.

We call on civil society to have robust engagement with the citizenry and be more organised to meet the challenge of future local and general elections. As the adage goes, ‘coming events cast their shadow’.

Fambul Tok calls on the donor community to provide support to the wider Sierra Leonean civil society to enable them to organise in order to minimise future violence, and not to wait until two months prior to elections.

Fambul Tok reminds all stakeholders and particularly the leadership of political parties about their role to foster an environment of tolerance, the tenets of good governance and seeking the interest of the nation as priority.

Long live the peace loving people of Sierra Leone!