Fambul Tok Peace Mothers resolve to assist vulnerable communities

Fambul Tok peace mothers in various sections of Kono district have agreed to assist other vulnerable communities that are yet to start activities. This agreement was reached during a one-day Peace Mothers consultative meeting in Woama village, Tankoro chiefdom, Kono district.

The meeting brought together over 70 Peace Mothers from Kamaa, Gbense, Tankoro, Nimiyama, Nimikoro, Sandor, Gbane, Gorama, Kono and Fiama chiefdoms, all in Kono district, and was geared towards consultation, recounting past activities, experience-sharing and fostering peace to enable the women overcome the challenges plaguing their communities.

In her welcome address, Fambul Tok’s Lilian Morsay explained that the purpose of the interactive sessions for Peace Mothers is to create a space for women to discuss pertinent issues and ideas and learn from others’ experiences and obstacles.

She explained that a series of Peace Mothers consultative meetings have already been held in Kailahun, Koinadugu, Kono, Bombali and Moyamba districts, and mentioned the recent cross district visit in Shenge, Kargboro chiefdom, Moyamba district, where women learned new ideas, especially pertaining to fish processing.

“The conflict in Sierra Leone divided families and communities. After the war there was no forum for people, especially women, to meet and discuss issues affecting them, so Fambul Tok creates space for them so they could know each other,” Ms. Morsay stated.

Fambul Tok Programme Manager, Madam Marie- Deen Nyarkoh, stressed the need for Peace Mothers to interact and share ideas, as she believes that women can do more if they are united and work as one family.

Madam Deen Nyarkoh emphasized that women should learn to support each other, adding that the whole purpose of the meeting was to discuss and find ways for peace mothers that have enough yields to assist their colleagues that are yet to come on-board.

“You are doing a great job and this round we want you to encourage other women to form Peace Mothers groups and also assist them,” Madam Deen Nyarkoh proclaimed.

Fambul Tok’s Masu Sesay from Moyamba described the successes of Peace Mothers activities in the district, citing a particular section that led other villages to start up activities.

During the debriefing sessions, Peace Mothers shared experiences with the goal of learning new things from one another. According to Finda Sandi of Woama village, Tankoro chiefdom, many of the women initially thought that the group would be short-lived because of the perception that women would not be willing to work together. Mrs. Kamanda of Tombudu, Kamaa chiefdom says they are producing locally made soap but stressed the hazards they face. She explained that they also want to embark on fish trading. Madam Sia Njawa of Nimiyama chiefdom explained how they formed four groups to assist each other, that the Peace Mothers can now boast of some savings, and also disclosed that the groups are hired and the proceeds go into the Peace Mothers fund.

Other Peace Mothers also highlighted challenges and called on other organizations to come to their aid. In spite of the many challenges, Peace Mothers consented to push forward and extend to other women whatever they have for the development of their communities.