Fambul Tok Holds Town Hall Meeting at Bauya

Fambul Tok, with support from Africa Transitional Justice Legacy Fund (ATJLF), holds town hall meeting at Bauya in Kongbora chiefdom, Moyamba district, southern  Sierra Leone  to strengthen community peace-building.

The objective of the meeting is to strengthen peace mothers and Community Welfare and Mediation Committee (CWMCs) capacity to facilitate mediation and healing programs; restore cohesive communities in Kongbora chiefdom through CWMCs.

In his welcome address, Chiefdom speaker Solomon Kangaju appreciated ATJLF for supporting his chiefdom.He encouraged women,CWMCs and section chiefs to contribute to peace and cohesion as the project aims at bringing peace and cohesion in communities.

Alfred Banya of Moyamba District Council said activities of Fambul Tok has helped a lot of communities to be cohesive.He encouraged chiefs to work with Peace Mothers and CWMCs towards achieving peace and community development.

Chiefdom Inclusive Committee chairman, Hawa Peters said the meeting was very important as traditional leaders were present to participate too. She said women are now decision makers compared to past years, through the process of continuous engagement of peace mothers in community activities. She said women still play vital role in peace and development.

As the way forward they suggested training for women on gender based violence; sectional engagements to embark on sensitization on various topics relating to women’s empowerment; provision of  information center for the chiefdom; and cross chiefdom visitation to share ideas and knowledge.

The town hall meeting brought together 81 participants including Peace Mothers, CWMCs, section chiefs, youth leaders, religious leaders and mammy queens from all 10 sections in Kongbora chiefdoms.