Fambul Tok Facilitates SOCFIN and Chiefdom Development Committee Dialogue in Sahn Malen

As a follow-up to the Malen multi stakeholders dialogue held in Gobaru Kpanga Krim chiefdom, Fambul Tok on Tuesday 3rd August 2021 facilitated a dialogue meeting between SOCFIN Agricultural Company and the Chiefdom Development Committee (CDC) at Sahn Malen town, Malen chiefdom, Pujehun District.

The activities are part of the UN Peace building Fund project: Mitigating Local Resource-based Conflicts and Increasing Community Resilience supported by UNDP and implemented by Fambul Tok.

SOCFIN and CDC Malen Dialogue

Participants include CDC members, SOCFIN Liaison office, SOCFIN administration, Fambul Tok staff.

In his welcome address SAC Liaison Manager Joseph Belmond expressed gratitude to Fambul Tok as he has been following up all reports during the last meetings in Ngandorhun and Gobaru respectively which is also in line with SAC Manager’s Agenda as he declared 2021 a year of peace and reconciliation in the Malen chiefdom.

In guiding the process Fambul Tok Joseph M Kargbo said: “Fambul Tok is on a neutral ground to facilitate the process to see that the committees continue their commitment to meetings”. He added that, “It is a collective responsibility with a commitment to direct community led people’s planning process, support peace mother’s groups amplifying women voices and youth, creating leadership opportunities and self reliance“.

CDC member and chiefdom Mammy Queen Haja Adama Sengeh in her speach noted, “efforts have been made by other NGOs to solve the Malen land conflict, I am more confident with Fambul Tok’s approach and there are signs that Fambul Tok will solve the long awaited conflicts; and they should be credited for that”.

Mr Bawoh, another CDC member, said they have a strong commitment as CDCs to execute effective operations to see that SAC meet its cooperate social responsibility and development should be distributed evenly within the Malen chiefdom for sustainable peace and development.

In conclusion SAC assured Fambul Tok that management have plans to see that the Grievance Redress Committee structures continue with their meetings when the project comes to an end.

Fambul Tok Mustapha V Mansaray appreciated SAC management for opening doors for engagement and admonished CDC committee members to find quick solution to end the Malen land conflict.