Fambul Tok Facilitates Natural Habitat and Chiefdom Development Committee Dialogue

Fambul Tok has facilitated another dialogue session between the private company Natural Habitat and the Chiefdom Development Committee (CDC) on the 4th August 2021 at the company’s premises in Zimmi town, Makpele chiefdom, Pujehun District as part of its UN Peace Building Fund project: Mitigating Local Resource-based Conflicts and Increasing Community Resilience.

Natural Habitat officers, CDC members, Fambul Tok and the media were in attendance.

CDC and Natural Habitat in Group Photo

The Community Affairs Officer Alie Bao welcomed all those in participants for prioritizing this engagement amidst other busy schedules. He thanked Fambul Tok for creating the space for dialogue by bridging community networks, communication flow and facilitating the enabling environment for peaceful co – existence. Mr. Bao said that as a company they are committed to work with community plans and consultations in executing their cooperate social responsibility and meeting community felt needs.

Ernest Borbor Rogers, secretary general of the CDC, stated that the restructuring of the CDC is in progress and there is a plan to hold a chiefdom general meeting that will bring onboard all key players for an effective CDC operation. In addition to other various interactive contributions made by participants present, the following was unanimously agreed on as the next step for sustainable peace and development in the chiefdom:

CDC Dialogues with Natural Habitat

1.To hold a general chiefdom meeting to elect CDC executive.

  1. To hold rotational meetings at sectional level for wider sensitization and inclusion of other key players.
  2. Natural Habitat to come out with strategies to support the GRC meetings when the program comes to an end