Fambul Tok Boosts Dea and Upper Bambara Peace Mothers Income

Fambul Tok in an effort to facilitate self-reliance and sustainability among peace mothers groups has provided support to Dodo and Nyanyahun Peace Mothers in Kailahun District.

Soap Processing Inputs

Gari Processing Equipment

On the 15th September 2021, Kailahun team handed over Fambul Tok assistance of one bag caustic soda, two rubber bowls, gloves and twelve gallons palm oil as support to their Peace Mothers’ soap processing activity at Dodo community, Dodo Section Dea Chiefdom.

Monjama Brima, the Peace Mothers’ chairlady, expressed full satisfaction over the support; she thanked Fambul Tok for their timely intervention as peace change agent.

On the 17th September 2021, the team handed over one bag caustic soda, two rubber bowls, twelve gallons of palm oil and one packet of gloves as support to Peace Mothers groups in Nyanyahun section in Upper-Bambara chiefdom.

It resulted to claps of joy. As stated by Fatmata Kallon the group’s Adviser:  “Our mind set has changed completely, l have no doubt over the activities of Fambul Tok because their activities surrounds ensuring peace in every community”

Mohamed Kamara the group’s Secretary also added that the community has great confidence in Fambul Tok for bringing their community women together and this has helped mould the minds of women.  He stated that the community stand to uphold Fambul Tok values and continuity.

The Peace Mothers will use the funds generated from their soap making activities to seek the welfare of members and facilitate their peace-building work.