Fambul Tok attracts Liberians and Guineans…

“We are here to observe Fambul Tok so that when we return to our communities in Liberia, we will urge our leaders to embark on such program in the interest of peace and reconciliation,” says Amos Moka, a Liberian who walked from Foya County (8-10 miles away), to witness the Football for Reconciliation gala at Kpeingbakordu over the weekend.

According to Moka and other observers, they have heard a lot about Fambul Tok through the radio and were waiting for an opportunity to witness a Fambul Tok event. Moka uttered it took them hours to walk and cross over to Sierra Leone, but it was worth the hassle.” In addition, Moka revealed, “Liberians are looking for unique ways to reconcile with one another…we are neighbors that almost went through the same experience, but we don’t have such opportunity to reconcile.”

An observer Ali Bockari, from Guinea expressed “he came purposely to witness how the reconciliation gala would be played and if the method could be applied in Guinea.”  As soon as he returns to Guinea, he will inform local authorities on the activities. “We are looking for such programs because most people want to reconcile, but do not know how to begin the process” confessed Bockari.

Another Guinean, Amadu Kamara, believed “if the four countries belonging to the Mano River Union are able to set up programs that bring people together then peace and unity will surely reign in the sub region.”

— Solomon Yarjoh (Fambul Tok Communication Officer)