Fakunya chiefdom committee to be revamped


Since the formation of the Chiefdom Inclusive Committee(CIC) in Fakunya,Moyamba district few years ago ,not much has been done especially coordinating development efforts of the chiefdom. Meetings that were called by the Secretary General, Daniel Sam-King did not materialize and attendances were very poor. But without justifying the executive non-compliance  ,one of the factors must have been the death of  Paramount Chief,Alhaji Hon. Joseph Ali Kavura Kongormoh 11.

In the beginning of the year,Fambul Tok Moyamba District Team members,in collaboration with the Chiefdom executive discussed possibilities of revamping the committee once more.

According to the Secretary General of the Chiefdom Inclusive Committee,Daniel Sam King several factors were responsible for the slow pace of development in the chiefdom .He said convening chiefdom meetings kicked off nicely at the beginning as members attended and contributed in many ways to develop community programs. He said  Fambul Tok trained them on various aspects of peace building and community development initiative. He emphasized on how to resolve minor conflicts,how to mediate and reconciled in  most simplified ways.He said mediation is the best policy to engaged varied parties

The chairman of CIC, Elizabeth Kahunwa said the committee worked with Peace Mothers to contribute to community development and  in the next meeting peace mothers groups will be invited to share their knowledge and experiences with others so all sections in the chiefdom will gain

One of the issues that was mentioned by the chairman was that coordination of women activities has been low as the chiefdom women’s leadership is not functioning properly .She assured that since the chiefdom has a new Paramount Chief, the committee is set to brief him on various issues in the chiefdom