Current Fambul Tok activities…

Fambul Tok is undertaking several activities in Moyamba and Kailahun District:


  • Community trainings in the other seven Chiefdoms where ceremonies have not taken place.
  • Football for Reconciliation: In encouraging all members of the community to be involved in the reconciliation process, Fambul Tok introduced Football for Reconciliation, in collaboration with Play 31 (Danish NGO). The tournament kicked off November 8th, 2008 in Gbekedu community and will continue until the end of December 2008 throughout the District. Fifteen communities where Fambul Tok ceremonies have taken place will participate in the tournament. The tournament is inclusive, so each community will have a male and female team participate in the games.
  • Communities are beginning to harvest Fambul Tok community farms.
  • Healing ceremonies will begin to transpire in December in the seven Chiefdoms where ceremonies have not taken place.


Moyamba is steadily picking up steam.

  • Training of the 28 contact people took place October 21st – 25th 2008 in Makeni, Sierra Leone.
  • Community training for the first six Chiefdoms where healing ceremonies will take place.
  • Healing ceremonies will transpire December 08 – Jan 09.


Kono District is the next Fambul Tok reconciliation adventure. Before engaging the District it’s important to do some amount of groundwork. Fambul Tok managers will begin the visit the District within the next two weeks. We plan to launch the consultation mid-December, however, activities will not begin until 2009.