Announcing Fambul Tok’s European Premiere!

We are thrilled to announce that Fambul Tok will have its European Premiere at the Raindance Film Festival on September 29, 2011 at 4:30PM, at the Apollo Piccadilly Circus theater. Producer Libby Hoffman will be on hand for Q&A following the screening.

Check out this Raindance review of the film by Abigail Smith:

“How would you feel if you lived next door to your rapist, or walked past the man who killed your father every day? Could you forgive them? Would you ever be able to call them your friend?

Following an 11 year civil war and a blanket amnesty for all but the most prolific perpetrators, Sierra Leoneans routinely rub shoulders with those who have wronged them in the most heinous of ways – and this documentary follows a rare initiative that seeks to reconcile them.

Drawing on ancient African traditions, victims are encouraged to tell their tale around a campfire before identifying their aggressor. In the intimate night-time recordings, we hear harrowing stories plainly told, then watch in awe as the criminal comes forward. Yet the rights and wrongs shift as easily as the flame-thrown shadows: with so many forced to fall in with the rebels or face death, the murderers ache with regret and the experience is cathartic for the entire community.

In contrast to the dark and intimate campfire sections, the rest of the film is characterised by colour and clarity, communicating the calm, hope and sense of newness that follows a long and violent storm. A humbling testament to the power of forgiveness, this movie is sure to leave you feeling uplifted.”

For tickets and screening information, visit the Fambul Tok page on the Raindance site.