7 Conflicts Resolved At Gibina Section

Fambul Tok, with support from African Transitional Justice Legacy Fund (ATJLF), facilitates truth-telling, healing and reconciliation ceremony at Gibina Section in Kongbora Chiefdom,

Healing and Reconciliation

Gibina Truth-telling, Healing and Reconciliation at Bauya Court Barray

Moyamba district, southern SierraLeone on Thursday 25th February, 2021.

The truth-telling and healing ceremony was held to redress minor conflicts among section people. The reconciliation committee resolved a total of 7 cases. Notable among the cases was the one between Pa Samuel Nabieu who accused his late friend’s son, Lansana Koroma, of not talking to him for over a year. Responding to the allegation, Lansana Koroma said Pa Samuel Nabieu used to tarnish his character to his late father. He continued that because he did not want confrontation with Pa Nabieu that was why he kept to himself.

In the end, the community offered prayers for sanity in their section.