14 Villages Hold Bonfire At Moyollo

The community healing and bonfire ceremony was held in Moyollo town, Tullu Section, Fakunya chiefdom over the weekend.

It kicked off on Saturday night with all 14 villages sending participants and contributing rice and condiment as local contribution. Fambul Tok facilitated the event with support from Africa Transitional Justice Legacy Fund (ATJLF).

Bonfire Truth-telling, Healing and Reconciliation

Community members were in joyous mood as they gathered round the bonfire to confess and forgive each other.

15 confessions were done. Among them was one of the youth leaders who abandoned his village for many years due to bad relationship with his fellow youths in Moyollo. He asked to be reconciled with his brothers once again. His issue had to do with sectional football as he was banned from playing in the local team. The committee reconciled him with others and he promised to come back to his village. Other issues ranged from marital problems to increased violence in villages.

Section Chief Pa Sivalie Samavova expressed thanks and appreciation to ATJLF and Fambul Tok for supporting the chiefdom to organize reconciliation ceremonies after a long time.

At sunrise, the Peace Mothers offered both Christian and Muslim prayers for peace and national cohesion in the chiefdom. Then everybody sat in groups and ate the morning meal together.